Please enjoy a short overview of my work throughout the years.

Traditional Illustration

I'm greatly inspired by others that have sparked the surreal, macabre, or abstract. The work of Dali, Escher, BeksiƄski, and others can speak volumes where our syntax cannot. I only hope to contribute to the sense of inspiration they have provided me in a time when expression clashes with conformity.

Digital Renders

My 3D work arose while learning more about the tools and their many work-flows, completing a project a day for over three years.

The result has been a surplus of over 1000 custom renders and models. All of which can be found in the illustration gallery.


I've completed a handful of small gigs as a camera operator and editor for independent productions, musicians, and local businesses. With a little experience working for larger companies, including the Orphanage(SFBay), and Red Giant Software(OR).

Programming & Development

I am fascinated by computer development and enjoy the endless side of building custom machines and expanding my knowledge of code. There's always something new to learn to get more out of the technology available to us.

On The Road

Due to the lordly nature of my previous residency I'm migrating on a sort-of loop, with only the necessities to continue my attempted artwork and development in a self-contained mobile.