Near the end of 2020 my dear cat 'Sandwich' passed away. She was my best friend and perfect companion. It was an undeserved honor over the years to know she was always close-by. She would hide in my coat when it was cold or sleep under my arm after kneading at my side for a bit...I've never felt like I belonged in any one place aside from those moments of her purring away. All too late I realized she was my only real reason to pay for a roof over our heads.

Almost immediately after her passing my desire to leave settled in, alongside a push from the landlord demanding some 25% rent increase in the middle of the pandemic. I cared little to fight some legal battle or stick around to be bullied, so I left. After donating what I could and recycling the rest I minimized down to a minivan and hit the road with a much smaller roof, squeaking along in a slightly dilapadated mobile but doing my best to move forward.

I'll be doing my best to keep a monthly update on the roaming, the first step can be found here: -Jan 2021-

Thank you for taking the time and hope to see you on the road.(from a safe distance)