Feb 2021

NE Bay Area

We bounce between cities, their congested rest stops, vacant park & rides, and public parks along the bay shores.


This was our first full month on the road. Sleeping, eating, and cleaning etc. Our essentials are in-action but not quite the type of things to display. but we have our moments of .

I also pushed the van into the geriatric mileage, and hoping to get another 100k out of this ol' toyota.


My work-load, aside from the hustle of day-to-day, has been coding and development for a game or two. Both were close to completion before hitting the road. The lack of an electrical outlet to plug my desktop into has been a challenge since my solar and electrics are for lower wattages, but I've been able to do a little bit using a laptop and paper. All the heavy-lifting 3D, graphics, and audio portions of development are accumulating as skeleton projects piled up for the future while I pick my brain for solutions.


With earlier-stated limitations I'm attempting to get every watt of use out of my tech. Leaving me reading and writing lots more than I used to. Which I think I've been pretty poor at, language, in both eloquence and comprehension, could use a bit of work. If it's not a complete earsore I'll have it posted soon.


One of the greatest discoveries while scanning the shelves for the remaining novels of my favorite writers is to find an unknown (to me) author that seems to bridge and inspire them all. Samuel R. Delany did just that and is now on the ever-growing list. Fit right in alongside this month's stack of Robert A. Heinlein and William Gibson:

We hope to have a little more material to show next month and further updates on the development front!
-Matt & Mariel