March 2021

ongoing NE Bay

A low-profile month


Our vehicle is still rolling, and recently passed 200k miles. I'm grateful we were able to find a van to accomodate our needs in such a short time (about two weeks before we originally hit the road). Yet, we're already roaming through used lots and estimating preventative maintenance against a downpayment on a new van. Only browsing since we've made our current situation quite comfy and functional in the meantime, just don't mind the squeaks. The range of options has expanded quite a bit since I last searched some eight years ago. The old DIY conversion vans from econolines are being replaced by the new niche of cargo-vans, which has opened a new(and mildly expensive) option for a lot of van-travellers. Sprinters, transits, and others are everywhere. Just about any of them would make for a nifty conversion project. Perhaps one day when there are fully electric versions available.



About midway through the month we finally got the solution to our development catch. It's taken the remainder of the month to get the updates, software, plug-ins, and nearly a terabyte of project files transferred over but it's finally ready to go.
(time to fix these atrocious graphic placeholders below)


A light reading month of Heinleins first novel, short-stories about martians by Ray Bradbury, and a bit of non-fiction. Comey's book was found in dollar tree behind a stack of worthless politicians "self-published" garbage(poorly paid interns more-likely). 'A Higher Loyalty' was good in expressing the evolution and recent past from a federal law-enforcement perspective, dealing with trauma, accepting loss, and that our society depends on truth. No wonder the last four years had been a nightmare, for most of us. That man has been through a lot. I'd recommend them all.

I've also uploaded a handful of sketches to a new category under illustration, Rough Drafts