April 2021

Endless Bay

Delta-ish edition


We started the month outside around our regular area with a trip eastwards towards the Delta. After a little time along the river in Rio Vista we circled back to more dependable grounds. Finding the right place to rest up can be difficult but we've managed to squeeze through a full quarter of rentless living out of our situation. The increase in gas and other amendities has turned out better than anticipated. As a bonus on some nights there are huge glowing kites in the sky, and during the day there are baby geese roaming around. It's been a treat.



With all the main gameplay features completed and working correctly I've moved onto the hundreds of tiny graphical components.

The development is in full swing while we remain in town. A vehicle as a place of work has had its advantages when compared to any other work situation I've encountered. Along with a few downsides as I'm trying to code in a noisy parking lot. Headphones and earplugs are a must.


Dune, that is all. Just Dune. Each sentence of that 400+ page novel carries the plot deeper and deeper, an absolute inspiration.

-Matt & Mariel